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happygirl94 [Jun. 11th, 2011 @ 11:23 pm]
[i feel |happyhappy]


and so, done with my FIRST TERM TEST in poly life :)
doubt i'll do good for HAP and BMLC. ahwells.
and because of BMLC, i cant go Area recee on Thursday, SAD ONLY PLEASE. (whats sad-der is that i DIDNT STUDY, instead, I SLEPT. FML)

yup, done with CDS selection this morning. SUPER KIASU. opened at 1000 and i submitted at 1001 ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ and yup,
1. Psychology
2. Japanese
3. French
4. Sociology
5. Leadership and Character
i seriously dont know what to put for the last one omg. HOPE I GET MY TOP 2. aiya, dont get last one can already /:

heeeheee, so, submitted my CI Confirmation form as well :D
like, PHEWS. 松了一口气/放下了心中的一块石头

this week, although was the term test week, it was an awesome week.
because i know, no matter how little/small/minute/tiny it is, i still mean a thing to you.
and no matter how small the area is, i still stand a place in your mind/heart.
satisfied :)
looking forward to slacking during LMSC course, fun during RSP duty, strictness during Unit Camp and fun during Area meeting :)

hope i can see you REALLLLLLL soon! :D