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my week :D [Jul. 23rd, 2011 @ 09:13 pm]
 it's another weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

soooooo, guess i'm still okay with school work right now :D awesome? yes! :D
and still okay with you too :)

KAY ANYWAY, Farewell night yesterday. 
felt happy for those my sec5 squadmates who spent their last day in npcc yesterday :D
felt happy for those sec4s who endured through these 4 years :D
soooooo, yup, hope they remember the friendship through :)))))
well done :D

had training for NDP observance ceremony yesterday too.
OMG IT WAS LIKE SHIT OMG. i'm sorry but it's really shit. ooooops /:

.38 shooting competition today. LOL, my hands was like trembling towards the end of NRA. WTHHHHHH, cant feel the pressure and stuffs. i think i got the same marks as for my CIBTC shoot.
had fun with the area CIs. hahahah, all damn crap one :DDD

ANYWAY, awesome SJC NPCC got into the finals for footdrill competition. like a awesome only! :D
repeatedly told Mr Choo to believe in them, but .... ahwells.
and though i didnt train them much, i brought all those into the footdrill competition. fought for them, especially the sec2s.
-proud- :DDDD (i'll seriously cry if they get top 3 for finals :D)
and finals CLASHES WITH AREA GAMES DAY. SHIT ): think i'll go look for my dear girls in the morning before they set off for HTA then go PHSS for games day.

day out tomorrrrrrow :D

idk how i feel about you, really.